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State Education Agencies

State Education Agencies will find the NDLETPS useful for a variety of purposes including:

  • developing HR Resources like teacher profiles, job descriptions, interview questions for identifying and employing quality Dual Language Educators;

  • developing Professional Development Plans, to ensure appropriate learning opportunities for in-service educators;

  • strengthening teacher competencies & accreditation requirements

  • developing digital badge and/or teacher certification programs

State Education Agencies (ie. Higher Education Departments) are responsible for overseeing the Educator Preparation Programs in their respective States.  Some States are "SPA States" and work closely with the Council for Accreditation of Educator Preparation to evaluate and have quality recognized programs, and some States don't.  NDLETPS is an appropriate guidance document for both situations.   

Washington State Bilingual Education Advisory Committee Moves to Adopt the NDLETPS - December 11, 2020

The DL Steering Committee: Bilingual Educator Growth & Development Subcommittee • Provides access, supports, and incentives to encourage bilingual/biliterate individuals to become dual language educators. Recommendation: The National DL Education Teacher Preparation Standards (NDLETPS) to replace the current Bilingual Ed endorsement. Currently working with PESB to discuss the timeline and process to change policy.

More info on Dual Language Education and Resources from the Washington Office of Superintendent for Public Instruction 

Policy Brief:  SEA Use of NDLETPS - Spring 2022
Prepared for NM Secretary of Education Dr. Kurt Steinhaus

This policy brief provides a summary of the impact the National Dual Language Teacher Preparation Standards, hereafter NDLETPS (Guerrero & Lachance, 2018), are having on the field of bilingual education since their publication. The standards were designed to consciously leverage approximately three decades of theory, research, pedagogy, and policy that underlies the potential for best meeting the academic needs of emergent bilingual children and youth through well implemented two-way and one-way immersion program designs.

National Association of English Language Program Administrators - NAELPA Presentation - date?

National Association of English Language Program Administrators (NAELPA) has the focus of providing networking and professional learning opportunities for Multilingual Learner (ML) program administrators and others working in ML programs at the state and local (district) level.

*NAELPA is an EMMA Consortium Member 

Please contact if you have a resource to share with EMMA Consortium Members and school partners through this website.

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