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EMMA searches for, and offers opportunities to network with like-minded professionals, to contribute to the development and implementation of policies and practices that enhance, strengthen and expand Dual Language Educator Preparation, and to advocate on behalf of DL Educator Preparation Programs - EPPs. 


Might your organization be interested in joining the EMMA Member Consortium?  

Organizations with not-for-profit status whose mission, and/or activities focus on the preparation and/or support of Dual Language Educators are eligible for Consortium Membership. Members assist in the governance of EMMA, and contribute to helping realize its mission, including the publication and promotion of EMMA, its resources and other activities (including research opportunities) when appropriate.
The professional activities of member applicants should focus on the development of policies and/or best practices on the preparation of Dual Language Educators at the state or national level and/or on research that contributes to the effective preparation of Dual Language Educators. 

EMMA Partner Invite, for new EMMA
Consortium Member Organizations

Organizations whose leadership has expressed an interest in supporting the mission of the Educators Multicultural Multilingual (EMMA) and becoming an EMMA Consortium Member, would receive an EMMA Partner Invite pending approval by the EMMA Advisory.  

EMMA Consortium Member Agreement

The EMMA Consortium Member Agreement lays out the benefits and responsibilities for all of its' Consortium Members.  EMMA Consortium Members convene annually to oversee EMMA operations and key activities that ensure the realization of its mission.  

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